PDF Signet

The best app to digitally sign PDFs with your certificate.

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Digitally Sign PDFs

Use your X.509 certificate to sign PDF documents reliably. Digital signature gives the recipient assurance that the documents came from you and wasn't tampered with, be they invoices, contracts or something else.

  • Integrates with macOS Keychain
  • Smartcards and eTokens support (must be compatible with macOS Keychain)
  • Standard-based and Adobe Reader compatible

Validate Signatures

Verify that the signatures present in the document you received are correct and trustworthy. Just drag a document to PDF Signet and it checks if everything is all right.


Automate your signing workflow with Automator or other macOS automation tools - Alfred, Hazel, LaunchBar, you name it.

  • Automator action
  • AppleScript support